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Amigo ValueShopper

As a result of its innovative design, it is one of the most economical electric shopping mopeds in the world.

Easy to use

Assembled from high-quality steel and heavy-duty components, simple and effective. It consists of modular systems for fast and easy maintenance. It does not require any special attention or care.


With a single charge, you can easily perform 20 hours of continuous use. Easy to operate, approx. With a 75 cm turn, it turns almost in one place. The cart has a capacity of 68 kg, a passenger's capacity of 227 kg, and the moped itself has been tested up to 554 kg! 34 different options are available to best suit your application.

  • personal carrying capacity: 227 kg, basket carrying capacity: 68 kg
  • with maintenance-free front drive
  • 24 volt battery
  • All-day operation
  • automatic parking brake
  • Heavy-duty AC cable
  • Intelligent diagnostics for quick troubleshooting
  • Heavy duty, durable seat
  • Steel frame construction
  • Specially designed interface for increased indoor use
  • Lightweight lithium-ion batteries